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High-efficient combined heat and power facility utilizing renewable sources. The SAKO Brno company operates two lines, K2 and K3, within its waste-to-energy plant. The existing lines process 230,000 tons of non-recyclable mixed municipal waste per year. The waste energy-utilized in this way and heat extracted from it are used for the generation of steam, which is further used for efficient combined heat and power production.

Annually, SAKO Brno supplies more than 46,000 MWh of electric energy to the distribution grid and simultaneously 1 million GJ of heat to the district heating system in Brno. The current operation results in an annual saving of CO2eq in the amount of 250,000 tons for several reasons. Firstly, primary non-recyclable sources used as the energy source; secondly, waste is not landfilled. Consequently, no harmful CO2 and methane emissions are created. Further, thanks to metals recovery technology, ferrous and non-ferrous metals are separated and sent for recycling, which decrease primary production of raw materials.


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The project objective is to build the new waste-to-energy line (K1), which represents high-efficient combined heat and power facility utilizing renewable sources and provides economic and environmental solutions for residual waste in the broader region.

The intention is consistent with the City of Brno's energy concept within the preferred variant of renewable energy sources' development. Thanks to the waste-to-energy plant (WtE), we can further reduce our dependence on fossil fuel sources.

By implementing the project, we achieve additional reduction of fossil CO2eq emissions at the amount of 160,000 tons per year, and thus we help to fulfil objectives in the given region:


SECAP – Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan – thanks to the new project, we contribute to the completion of the objective of CO2 emission reduction in the area of the City of Brno by 40 %; the SAKO share will achieve up to 25 %


Waste management plan of the Czech Republic – energy recovery from waste will help to fulfil the objective of ending disposal of residual mixed municipal waste at landfills


Area Energy concept 2050 – energy produced from waste results in reduced dependence on fossil sources and increase of energy self-suficiency of Brno city


Brno fulfilling the role of the responsive and efficient centre of the Brno Metropolitan Area and South Moravian Region – enlargement of the WtE plant allows Brno to help more people from region with the waste disposal and the waste itself provides additional renewable energy to the city

Project parameters:

New K1 line

Processing capacity – tons of waste
132 000 t
Boiler output
40 MW
Turbine output
10 MW

Total capacity after project launch

Processing capacity – tons of waste
352 000 t
Heat supply to district heating system
1 500 000 GJ
Electric power supply
158 000 MWh


+ 60%
+ 50%
+ 230%


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The SAKO Brno company's plant can be characterized as a facility of trans-regional significance. Its extension will bring to the municipalities of the South Moravian Region, and the adjacent regions possibility to fulfil obligations to ensure diversion of municipal waste from landfilling. Simultaneously it will benefit the City of Brno and its citizens with the renewable heat and power supplies with a significant rise in the share of CO2 neutral energy.


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01 /
Feasibility study, architectural study
04 /
On 22 April, the Brno City Council awarded the instruction to implement the project to the board of directors of the SAKO Brno, a.s. company
07 /
Start of tender documentation preparations
08 /
Permitting procedures (zoning permission, EIA)
07 /
Tender publishing - qualification
Selection of a contractor / Signature and Contract award
Operation of the new WtE line K1


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The conceptual design of technology and construction design is based on the recommendations of the experienced international consulting company Ramboll, which participated at more than 150 waste to energy projects all over the world.



Project organisation

Struktura Projektu


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23 / 11 / 2021
One step closer to construction of new K1 line
In recent months, other important milestones have been reached in the preparation of the new K1 line project. Zoning permit for the construction of the K1 line, whose obtaining was one of the main tasks of the project team right from the beginning, was finally successfully completed during September. Based on this permit, an amendment of integrated permit for operation was subsequently successfully issued on a short notice. Integrated permit defines the basic requirements for the construction and operation of the new K1 line especially in relation to environmental protection. In this stage, one can says that the project is ready to be handed over to the contractor, whose selection has been proceeding since the beginning of the summer with the currently ongoing evaluation of the qualification criteria of individual bidders.
20 / 07 / 2021
Start of the tender for K1 Line project
Public tender for the new K1 line contractor has been started in regime of negotiated procedure with prior publication. Anticipated timeline for qualification and request for participation in the tender is scheduled till 15.09.2021. More detailed information is available in public tenders’ bulletin - or Stavební práce - 368263-2021 - TED Tenders Electronic Daily (

Complete tender dossier is available via contracting authority’s profile -
12 / 07 / 2021
Approval of the start of the tender for K1 Line project
Another important milestone has been reached by new K1 line project during its preparation, which leads the project to the scheduled construction. Board of Directors of SAKO approved prepared tender dossier for selecting of contractor in full extend and at the same time issued task to launch the tender.

Final preparations to launch and publish the tender on contracting authority profile are currently underway, while tender dossier itself is prepared in Czech and English language. Anticipated publishing is scheduled till mid of July.
28 / 06 / 2021
Final preparations for the start of the tender for K1 Line project
New K1 line project continues in the process of preparation, when in addition to the ongoing zoning permission procedure, the final completion of the tender dossier for contractor’s selection underway as well.

Whole tender dossier is about to be prepared in Czech and English language with the purpose to understand the project’s objectives in best possible manner. On the other hand, due to the considerable scope of related preparatory activities, the project development timeline available on the website was also updated, while the scheduled start of tender for the contractor with qualification process in the first half of July is the closest important milestone.
7 / 05 / 2021
Preparation of Brno’s waste material recovery facility is approaching next step
Brno’s waste material recovery project, an important part of which is automatic sorting line, has successfully obtained building permit. Tenders for civil part and technology are already in progress - Automatic sorting line of separately collected wastes is one of the strategic projects in Brno metropolitan area. Project is about to meet all the EU waste legislation.
31 / 03 / 2021
SAKO’s project is approaching successfully towards EPC Tender release
Readiness of the new K1 Line Design Documentation is approaching its final stage despite the challenging times, which had a minor impact to the project time schedule. Multiple statements from Authorities to the Design Documentation were obtained and the Zoning permission procedure is about to start soon.

In parallel to that, SAKO intend to release an EPC based (Design & Build) Tender with related qualification period for K1 Line project, consisting of complete turn-key delivery including civil part. Publishing the Tender through the contracting authority profile is anticipated during turn of April/May 2021.
14 / 01 / 2021
SAKO's project successfully passed the Environmental Impact Assessment process
SAKO's project (new K1 Line) successfully passed the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process and SAKO obtained a binding permit from the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic at the end of December 2020. The permit authorizes SAKO to construct a new 40MW Energy-from-Waste facility in the existing SAKO's Plant premises. EIA permit validity is 7 years.

Next steps ahead → besides Zoning permission, whose documentation is already in progress SAKO intends to release a Public Procurement procedure (EPC based) starting with prequalification period, where expected date of Tender release is March 2021.
20 / 10 / 2020
On 22 April, the Brno City Council approved a continuation of the Waste Management project Brno (OHB II - line K1). Its objective is the construction of the third incinerator line in the Waste-to-Energy plant operated by SAKO Brno. The project was approved by all present members. The new Waste-to-Energy line with a nominal capacity of 132 thousand tons of non-recyclable residual waste will be characterized by a high efficiency approaching 100%, operational flexibility and low emissions of nitrogen oxides and CO2.
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A new automatic waste recycling line is one of the strategic projects of the Brno Metropolitan Area.

This project will meet the requirements of EU waste legislation, which includes an objective to maximize recycling.

Description of the project

The Brno Metropolitan Area is an organic functional unit comprising the city of Brno and its natural hinterland. The amount of quantities of waste has been increasing in this region. Consequently, there is a need to increase recycling lines' capacity to serve the area and operate modern and effective waste management.

Sophisticated technology and automation processes will guarantee a high quality of recycled material and clean output products. The current processing capacity is not sufficient to deal with the expected growth of the waste. The new recycling line within SAKO Brno will process the paper and plastic waste from Brno and metropolitan areas. It is expected to sort up to 7 000 tons of plastic and 8 000 tons of paper per year.


/ technology with the capacity of up to 4,5 t per hour

/ automation line is equipped with separation machines to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals

/ the line can separate plastics into different fractions: PVC, PE, PET (various colours), PP, foils, metals

/ the line will be working automatically. It has an option of manual sorting to increase the quality of output products.

/ a part of the line is a baling press, which enables to press materials into compact bales and get them ready for recycling


It is the first project in the Czech Republic of this size. Automatic recycling lines are standard in developed countries of Western Europe. We are enhancing the waste management of Brno to a higher level.

The line's flexible concept will enable SAKO Brno to adjust to the current market demand for the various materials. We will help the region to maximize recycling and phase out landfilling.

The project will be realized on the sites of SAKO Brno company, enabling us to take advantage of the current operating infrastructure.


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SAKO Brno applies the principles of EU public procurement legislation – transparent publication of tenders, equal treatment of all bidders and non-discrimination in the assessment. All public procurement tenders are published on the website:

Waste-to-energy line extension:

Project´s award method will be an EPC (Design&Build) contract for complete scope of technology and civil part supply. It is expected to publish two main tenders: a tender for a Contractor and another for an Owner´s engineer.

Recycling line project:

SAKO Brno will publish two tenders for the completion of recycling line: a tender for a civil construction and a tender for supply and assembly of technology.


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